We keep it simple – no compromises.

Our vision is to create the trusted marketplace for healthy living. Curating the purest, certified products to reduce the toxins present in our modern lives and build habits for long term vitality.

Clear as day

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of purchasing products that care for your mind, body, and spirit. Too often, brands make their supply chains intentionally confusing to keep customers in the dark. We use a straightforward icon system rooted in the most rigorous certifications so you can shop your values with ease.

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People come first

We believe in using our purchasing power to vote for the change we want to see in the world. This means:

#1. Curating the most nourishing products for you to thrive and flourish.

#2. Supporting makers who share our vision for using conscious supply chains to empower their local communities.

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Growing up with an extremely sensitive body, I had always lived healthy – active, shopping mostly clean and organic. Which is why I wasn’t expecting the pre-cancerous diagnosis. After my functional medicine doctor let the news sink in, the first thing she did was advise me to drastically reduce my daily toxic intake.

Through her coaching and many late nights researching, I found that most of the “healthy products” in our home were still filled with harmful chemicals. During those nights scouring the internet, I also discovered pure, simple products I could trust.

This new, 100% clean lifestyle, not only led to my full recovery, but higher energy and performance in all arenas of my life, including my executive role. After sharing my story with friends and colleagues, I realized many others had faced similar challenges.

It became my mission to create Simplify Healthy Living to transfer my know-how and make sustainable, clean shopping simple, while offering an honest space for people to share their personal health journeys.

Founder + CEO

Together, we’re creating a community where we can empower one another in building vibrant, healthy lives. Using our voices and our wallets to create a cleaner, more caring world.

Our Manifesto

We Believe

We believe the good life is made up of simple acts of care. That our capacity to lift each other up is one of the most beautiful parts of being human. We believe in thinking ahead. Using our purchasing power to vote for the world we want our children’s children to grow up in. 

Our Vision

To create the trusted marketplace for healthy living. Curating the purest, certified products to reduce the toxins present in our modern lives and build habits for long term vitality. 

Why Coffee?

We’re beginning with coffee because not only is it one of the most frequently consumed product, but one of the most toxic products. While it’s starting small, we believe healthy living should be simple – that each habit ultimately builds the fabric of our lives.

And healthy change can be as simple as brewing a daily cup of the purest coffee.

Inspire With your Story

We want to hear about your journey to clean living. Tag us on social @SimplifyHealthyLiving and #SimplifyHealthyLiving for us to share your story with our community.

#Simplify Healthy Living

This coffee is a dream. Full-Bodied and sweet, without being overly acidic. It's only been a few days, and already I'm waking up with noticeably more energy and a calmer stomach.  

Jill Smith, Beauty Specialist in Malibu

  “With Simplify Healthy Living’s wild certified coffee, I’ve never had more energy. Their rich, full-bodied espresso is the perfect way to start the day.”  

John R., Designer

“The quality at Simplify Healthy Living can’t be beat. It gives me peace of mind to know I’ll only be getting the cleanest products – free from questionable ingredients. Also, I couldn’t live without their 100% wild Ethiopian Espresso. Using pure ingredients definitely brings out richer flavors.”

Erin Willis, Model in Los Angeles